Sunday, 9 February 2014

Too Messy for Words Let Alone Photos!

Hello folks,
Long time no blog - i have been having some bad computer problems, seem to be over the worst now after weeks of trouble shooting the reason my internet explorer kept on crashing I tried everything google had to offer me! Sadly to no avail, so now I am masking the problem by using the firefox browser! most things seem ok on here so fingers crossed I am back in the land of the blogging!

My craft room is a horrific mess at the moment while i am trying to downsize rooms I have a lot of things i need to get rid of! I am adding them to my FOR SALE page - link across the top, i have some pictures to go with the photo-less items but no promises they will be up today!
I am just sorting through things box my box ans shelf by shelf so no certain order to things at the mo, but getting there!

My plan is tomorrow to update the events page on here but at the moments I am a bit of a poorly bunny - had a cold last week and had a cold sore come up Thursday but its developed into an infection and my lip has swollen to around 7 times the size!!! can't talk (some may say that is a blessing!!) and can only just drink using a straw, I went to the walk in center yesterday as the pain is immense and was given antibiotics but its still swelling so may have to go back and see the doctor tomorrow. So feeling a bit sorry for myself and keep wanting to go lie down as my face is so sore but telling myself i am just wasting time and i need to sort this mess!!

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Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear how poorly you have been, hope it soon heals up perhaps you are run down, trying to do too much. Are you still having the sale on the 21st ? Carolyn xx